Miles Rahimi, current Communications Director for the OKGOP, today announces his candidacy for OKGOP State Chair. His priorities are streamlining communication and technology and increasing youth and minority engagement within the State Party.

“The State Party can and should be a beacon of light for Conservatives across America,” Miles Rahimi says. “The OKGOP is trying to win a 21st century war with 1985 infrastructure. This has led to a breakdown of communication inside our Party and has exacerbated infighting when our goal should be unity. I have a plan for digital upgrades that will maximize collaboration and communication between the State and County GOP. The State GOP should be serving the Counties, not the other way around.”

Miles Rahimi has a distinguished track record of success working with the OKGOP. As Communications Director, he deployed digital tools to establish and implement the Statewide Precinct Training Program to train hundreds of leaders at the precinct level.

“In order to succeed, the Party must value and listen to the dedicated Conservatives that make up our grassroots,” says Rahimi. “The OKGOP must deliver the needed tools into to the hands of energized activists. The demand for accountability can only be solved by growing the number of Republicans who show up to the polls.”

Miles Rahimi is an America-First Conservative raised in Oklahoma. He served his country in the United States Navy, and after the better part of a decade, he returned home with his wife to serve the people of Oklahoma. Miles served as National Media Director for Vets for Trump, founded a Conservative media company in Oklahoma, and is currently the OKGOP Communications Director.

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